Taught in Cold Blood

Taught in Cold Blood Poster

Cameron is a lonely, angry young man. Growing up, he's been pushed to the edge by his abusive alcoholic mother, a terrible job with an overbearing boss, and being ostracized at school for his dead father's shameful past. But then Tony, a charismatic and eerily perceptive stranger, comes into his life and everything changes. Cameron realizes that once you're the top of the food chain, everyone else is simply your prey. Murdering those he deems worthy, Cameron begins down a dark journey, complicated by a cute girl named Amy who has started to show an active interest in him. Cameron must now decide which path he wants for his own life-- one of violence... or love.

Horror / Thriller

Directed by P. David Miller
Produced by Scott Hayman, Darian Harte, Danny Torres
Starring Luke Lippold, Mesindo Pompa, Sara Drust, Justin Hoffmeister, Loydene L. Williams

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 "A well-written thriller that has you invested in the characters and keeps you at the edge of your seat... 3 out of 4 stars." -Gross Movie Reviews



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