Noogies, The

Noogies Poster (450x637)

In East Hanover, New Jersey, there's a men's softball team, affectionately called the Noogies, made up of loud-mouths, jokers, and former jocks. Perennial losers, they are the laughing stock of their weekend league and a spark is needed to turn the team around. When a female high school friend named Alison is promoted from "stat girl" to the team's coach, the group must learn how to truly play the game and unite together. "The Noogies" follows the team through the season as they re-ignite their love of the game, adjust to their new coach, and try to finally become a winning team.

Sports Drama

Written and Directed by Rocco Nisivoccia, Jr.
Starring Rocco Nisivoccia, Ronnie Rosania, Steven Caponegro, and Alison Chase

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