Midget Zombie Takeover

Midget Zombie Takeover Poster 1200x1600

When Amanda’s parents suddenly leave town for a long weekend, she immediately calls her friends over for a hot tub party! Soon it’s bbq, babes, and badminton! But when the shuttlecock goes over the fence, the friends are confronted by a crazy stranger who raves about a tide of doom. They all ignore the warning until the house is quickly besieged by midget zombies! Huddled in the basement, they struggle to choose between staying hidden, escaping, or getting a jump on repopulating the human race!


Written and Directed by Glenn Berggoetz
Starring Kristi McKay, Matt “Goose” Goosherst, Kedryn Carpenter, Daniel G. Cramer

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 “Hilariously Entertaining”  - ZMDB   
 “Really Hilarious” and “Highly Recommended”  - Creep Show Radio

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