Matt Mercury: Plot of the Galactic Mastermind

Matt Mercury

In the future of our dreams, there lurks a villain from our nightmares. Matt Mercury and his Rocket Rangers encounter a mutant super-genius called Professor Brainwave who is on a mission to steal the Earth. After Mercury’s girlfriend, the half house cat girlfriend, Mulkress Dunner, is kidnapped along with the whole planet, Mercury must come to the rescue! Can a rag-tag group made up of a cranky robot, an ape scientist, an inarticulate Cyclops, a molten man in an iron mask, a self-absorbed battleship Captain, an eight-year-old boy and a disaffected girl side-kick save the world?

Sci-Fi Fantasy/Family

Directed by Bill Hughes
Staring Matt Lavine, Chantal Nicole, Lauren Galley, Doug Drexler

Available On 

24 Hour Movie Channel

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