Forever Mind

Forever Mind

Aubrey, a young woman with a photographic memory haunted by a tragic past, lives out her days in a Reno casino using her gift to count cards. When Paul, a familiar figure from her past approaches her, Audrey’s mind flashes back to the time in high school when she first met him and together, they fell in love. As Aubrey’s night of gambling wears on and the secret behind Paul is revealed, she must make a choice: whether to move forward into a new life, or remain trapped in her mind.


Directed by Marjorie Cohen
Written by Jeremy Paterson
Produced by Ricardo Veiga, Micah Cyrus, Letem OznalciStarring Cat Miller, Tommy Cramer, Gee Kaur, Melissa Jobe

Included in the DVD: Continuum Presents: The Drama Collection Vol. 1

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