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MCTV distributes Features Films, Documentaries, Short Films, Short Documentaries, Web Series, and Television Programing on nearly every Major platform in North America* and on our own iOs App for iPhones & iPads.  

Welcome to MCTV where you can watch the best in independent entertainment from around the  world. 

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Up Coming MCTV Event: On Halloween attend the Worlds Littlest  Film Festival Sponsored by MCTV at the Anaheim Packing District and watch Three Great Short Films.This years Official Selection for this Halloween Treat are Town Red directed by Ryan Geiger, which was an Official Selection at the Cannes Film Festival Short Corner, StepMother directed by Arturo Sanchez and Kill Retro directed by Matt Ronzani. MCTV Executive Producer Steven Sievers will be conducting the three hour festival. The festival starts at 5 pm and ends at 8 pm. Screenings will be on location. This is the first of what will be an annual Halloween event. Note: Films selected for the Festival were chosen by the Anaheim Packing District.

Anaheim Packing District

New Releases for October/November 2014

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Latest Arrivals to the MCTV Collection, The Beast Next Door (Drama/Thriller UK), Bodom (Horror/Thriller Hungary), Ares 11 (Science Fiction/USA) and 13 Score (Horror/USA)

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10/14/2014 Weaverfish Now releases through eOne on Google Play, iTunes, Playstation, and more


Rating: Not RatedWeaverfish the UK Scifi directed Harrison Wall starring Shane O’meara, Lucy-Jane Quinlan and Joshua Ockenden released today in North America on Google play, Playstation, and iTunes. It will also release shortly on Xbox and Amazon Prime as well as other platforms. Learn more about the film and the filmmakers here.

After spending the night partying at a condemned river creek, the atmosphere is soon lost for quiet teenager Reece and his friends. Headaches and heartaches give way to a terrifying race back to civilization as a grossly disfiguring virus takes hold of the most vulnerable.

10/14/2014 Any Minute Now releases through eOne on Google Play, iTunes, Playstation, and more

Any Minute Now Poster

Rating: Not Rated
Any Minute Now the UK horror film directed by Peter Goddard starring Mhairi Calvey and Ryan Spong has released on most major platforms in North America. These platforms include Google play, iTunes, Playstation and will expand shortly to include Xbox, Amazon Prime and other platforms. Find out More about the film and the Filmmakers here.

Whilst living in small town suburbia several bizarre incidents take place, which lead Anna to question her own sanity. Is it really all in her head or is something more sinister going on in the small sleepy town?

10/14/2014 Gore Quebec releases on DVD, Google Play, iTunes, Playstation, Amazon Prime and more
Gore Quebec Poster EoneRating: Not Rated
The award winning Gore Quebec directed by Jean Benoit Lauzon is being released by through MCTV by eOne on October 14, 2014. Gore Quebec makes the woods of Canada a very dangerous Place to be. Check it out and pre-order or buy your copy from Amazon. You can watch the trailer and find more out about Gore Quebec and its filmmakers here.
Synopsis: A mismatched couple head north to cottage country for a weekend with friends, only to discover a serial killer’s horrific compound in the woods. 


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