Coming in 2016

MCTV Distribution and VOD

MCTV present productions from Continuum Motion Pictures, Matriarch Multimedia Group and other distribution/production companies from around the world. MCTV works with filmmakers and distribution houses directly to bring you the best in independent programing. Many of our films are still in festival and winning awards around the world. We look forward to sharing these films with you on Video on Demand.

In 2016 MCTV and Continuum Motion Pictures will present three directors Jason Durdon, Danny Torres and P. David Miller’s visions in thrillers, action and horror. Cider Springs Slaughter a retro horror feature, Mano a Mano a Spanish language thriller and Taught in Cold Blood.

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In 2015:

MCTV expanded on to many new platforms including Xbox, Playstation, Google Play, iTunes and others. In 2016 MCTV has already added Swigit to our list of platforms

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